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May 21, 2020

Recently I presented a Zoom seminar to the WA Croatian Chamber of Commerce on "Marketing in a COVID-19 Environment". This is the audio from the presentation.

If you'd like to view the full presentation it is available at

Concept Notes

A month or so ago the marketplace stopped to be as we once knew it. In most cases doing business became secondary to business survival as restrictions, regulations and lockdowns introduced a whole range of new circumstances.

For a lot of businesses, marketing was the last thing they wanted know about and the default position in a difficult environment is to cut costs, so marketing took the chop.

Sadly, this move also cut off the oxygen that keeps business breathing, as every business needs new leads and customers.

Now as we face an environment with a little more certainty, and we start to plan to reopen or revitalise our businesses what sort of marketing should we embark upon? The marketplace has changed, the marketing environment is not the same and your prospects and customers are just like you… wondering what is next to contend with, great marketers know how to best perform in these circumstances and doing so will get a far better ROI.

In truth it has never been a better time to partake in marketing. People have the time to react to your messaging and platforms are drastically in need of your dollars, so deals are everywhere. This presentation will discuss the changes to the marketing landscape, the right ways to approach it and the essential messaging and techniques to achieve success.