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Oct 28, 2023

Sales are like legs day. Hard and brutal.

Punishment! Yet, when you work out legs, you're also activating muscle fibres in the rest of your body, arms, shoulders and even back. Just the same fashion, when you work in sales, you're activating muscle fibres in your marketing skillset as well.

So, the best advice you could...

Oct 21, 2023

Look at business like a play or a music concert. 
You create the show, hire the actors and the producer and the director, build the set, and perform three or four times in your hometown city. You’ve spent all this time and energy putting on an awesome performance. 
What happens next? You take the show on the road.

Oct 14, 2023

If you wonder why everything made is defective, why everybody makes so many mistakes, why nobody can concentrate, why people seem stupid, and why productivity sucks, here is the very simple answer: according to recent research reported in Business Insider, the typical person checks their smart-phone at least 2,617 times...

Oct 7, 2023

Everybody thinks that in their business they have to be immediately and constantly accessible.

I say they are wrong.

Listen to this podcast to find out why!