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Jan 2, 2022

Your Opinion does Not Matter

Amazing products go undiscovered and companies go broke every single year because of people’s opinions. Your opinion does not matter.

People are afraid to push the envelope with their marketing because of all the opinions that get in the way.

It’s too pushy...

My audience won’t resonate with that kind of marketing...

It’ll turn them off...

And it’s not just entrepreneur opinions that bankrupt businesses either.

It’s entrepreneurs who listen to their customers’ opinions.

Customer opinions don’t matter either.

Well, not all of the time.

When you survey your audience on Facebook or with an email and they boldly tell you that your new sales letter or video or marketing campaign is not attractive to them, remember this:

"What your audience says and what they do are sometimes entirely different!"

You know this, right? You ask people if they will buy XYZ and they all yell YES!

But then you release it and…


Or people will tell you they don’t like your new sales message, but $175 per customer later, you take that opinion all the way to the bank!

When I started the split tests for my 45- day - LinkedIn Program, I had an opinion about which Optin Page would work the best.

Guess what?

I was wrong big time. 

The page with the LinkedIn logo won. 

Go figure…

Now this message should encourage you rather than discourage you, because it means you don’t have to “read the stars” to be successful in business.

It means that if you’re willing to put your opinions aside (or should I say ego aside), and follow the math, the money, and the data to set the direction, you too can leverage the marketing secrets I present in this Podcast.

That’s right “the path is math.” Not opinion.

Watch what people do with their credit cards.

Put your opinions aside, and don’t be afraid to use the methods that have millions of dollars of evidence to back them up.

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