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May 28, 2023

It appears that despite the doom and gloom in the news, there is a "Spending Class" that is currently thriving and growing.

The West Australian newspaper reported that all Lamborghini V8 and V10 series cars for circa $400k have been sold out for the next 18 months - and these are only just one example of the luxury...

May 21, 2023

If you're used to spending big on exclusive purchases, then the Bugatti London Cafe is likely to be right up your street. 

Here, you can buy a shot of espresso for a whopping $60 US. 

But what exactly is it that makes this purchase so special?

For starters, it's all about the rarity factor. 

Rare items always command a...

May 14, 2023

Sun Tzu is credited with the phrase “Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.” 

I have recently had a business deal go sour on me and unfortunately I did not heed this important lesson.

Listen to this podcast and you will hear all of the ins and outs of the deal – but the long and the short is I...

May 7, 2023

Just as unlikely as Collingwood football club's charge to the top of the table - is the Magpies becoming everyone's second-favourite team.

Even Collingwood veteran Scott Pendlebury concedes the prospect of that truly becoming reality is far-fetched.

But the Magpies' enthralling and improbable charge up the ladder has at...