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Nov 26, 2023

Most business owners and marketers do NOT know their enemy.

Recently I have been looking to do some work for a financial advisor and I came across a comprehensive survey of 600 financial advisors, where they ranked their biggest obstacles to acquiring clients:

(1) Competition from other advisors 64%

(2) Financial...

Nov 18, 2023

It might seem strange, but you're better off appealing to a small group of loyal customers than trying to attract everyone.

There's a fundamental rule in marketing that takes some discipline and some getting used to, but it's undeniably true: 

You can't be everything for everybody.

It is a mistake to try and be all...

Nov 11, 2023

If you Google the term marketing consultant, you will get 748,000 results pop up.

Each describing themselves as a marketing consultant and each attempting to describe themselves slightly better in one way or another than the other 747,999 of them.

What a tough gig – what a failing proposition.

So if you are a...

Nov 4, 2023

Why is scarcity powerful?

The girls all get prettier at closing time.
At least according to American country music artist Mickey Gilley in his 1976 hit. As opportunities, and the items they present, become scarcer, they are perceived as more valuable. 
This principle accounts for studies showing that: 
Tasters rated...