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Dec 9, 2023

People who grew up with Andy Warhol's art, music, and films will remember him for his famous line: In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.
Those who knew him personally recall a different message from the artist. "In order to survive," he reportedly said, "everybody will have their 15 minutes of fame."
Nevertheless, I feel that those who are still well-known at the 16-minute mark are most worth paying attention to.
The people who fit this bill best are those who have had their moment in the sun, their lucky break or a taste of success and have been able to return from the brink of rejection or disgrace with a fresh new take.
These folks, those who can bounce back from adversity, are my kind of heroes.
There's also another group of 16-minute notables whose fame comes from something no less heroic—surviving an extraordinarily difficult challenge.
As somebody who has been working shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs in business, I'm always inspired by people who turn what is considered misfortune into an opportunity. And they seem to do it time after time with grit and tenacity (and the help of their peers).

I've compiled a list of 16-minute character traits that if acquired, will help you make an indelible mark on your marketplace:
1.Do what others won't do
2.Tackle your fears head-on
3.Bounce back from rejection or disgrace with a fresh new take on life
4.Find value in the values of others
5.Make it count when you're not in the top
6.Have a way of inspiring others who are down and out
7.Obsess the details—they matter most when you're in the top
8.Put yourself in check for fear of losing sight of what's real or being consumed by self-centeredness
9.Know when to tap out of the game to preserve your true values
10.Remain humble through your climb—you can be down without being defeated
11.Give back in large doses because there's always someone in need
12.Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you—they will push your limits
13.Create opportunities for others to make a name for themselves (and their company)
14.Unleash the gifts and talents of those around you
15.Don't cheat or cut corners in the pursuit of your goals
16.Never stop growing—it's what makes you better today than yesterday

So, there you have it; my list of 16-minute character traits will take you from the top to near rock bottom, then back up—if you can handle it.