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Jun 28, 2021

This Episode of Marketing 24-7, will teach you how you can use your life scars to emerge a winner and not define yourself.

When I was 5 years old, a ferocious dog viciously attacked me. It bit me right through my trousers, there was blood everywhere. It was a terrifying and traumatic experience. That was my first scar—or what I call Battle scars.

Through the years of growing up, I have gathered scars and made vows that made me define who I am.

In this podcast, I will tell you about these scars that I have gathered over the years and how I was able to overcome them and share them with others. And to help others learn from their scars and make the most out of their lives rather than restricting their lives, letting it define who they are.

To be fearless.

To not let criticism define us, but be glad of them.

And more…

So, join me and let’s start to have some fun.