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Sep 6, 2021

In today’s podcast, we talk about the ultra-important concept called the Value Ladder.

Imagine trying to sell a prospect in your first meeting a $60,000 all-in marketing service that is good for a year?

In my eyes that is a great offer! How about in their eyes?

The fact is they are unlikely to know, like and trust me well enough to make a purchase like that. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and you will understand that it is a crazy offer to make even though you may think it is a great offer.

That is where the value ladder comes into play. It is breaking down your services into smaller offers. During this time working with your prospect, you deepen your relationship and improve your chances of an ongoing and even more valuable relationship.

Listen to this podcast and get to know how to craft your own value ladder.  Apply it, and then watch the uptake of your prospects dramatically improve.