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Mar 15, 2021


Everyone knows they have to do it, but how? There are great stories about people who started with nothing but an idea and built a business from Facebook up, but is that feasible for everyone?

Hardly. In fact probably not…

Good marketing and building a business takes time, money, expertise, and sometimes the humility to say, “I can’t do this for myself; I must outsource!”

So how do you know when to DIY and when to let someone else take the wheel? This podcast is here to help.

Show notes

In fact, I refer to this as a Client Generation System and this is the essence of my Business in a Box service that I offer to clients just like you who are grappling with getting started or revamping their business and need more clients but aren’t sure where to start who to trust or whether to DIY versus getting it DFY

If this is something you are grappling with visit my website

For an explanatory video of what my program has to offer.