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May 28, 2020

Go shopping on Amazon and you will see there are a WHOLE bunch of people selling products. In this podcast I want to help you avoid the race to the bottom and create an offer instead.

Podcast Transcript

Let us talk about fitness for a minute because that is a business, I used to be in.

If I am just selling a fitness machine – like a dip and chin machine, it is only worth whatever that machine does. And if you sell on some place like Amazon, people are going to price shop and figure out which one is the cheapest and they are going to go for that.

It is nearly impossible to compete like this.

Now let us take that same piece of fitness equipment but this time create an offer.

I still offer the dip and chin machine, but I will add to it and bundle with it a how-to strength training video, some progressive routines, a strength self-testing regime, and a muscle building supplement formula.

Now it is worth way more than any other dip and chin piece of equipment.

If you do not know how to create an offer, simply, think about all the things your customer needs to enhance the value of the thing you are selling.

How can you stack value with add-ons that create an irresistible offer that they cannot refuse?

As you are crafting your offer, do not put limitations on its awesomeness.

Make it as cool and irresistible as possible, because then your sales copy and marketing will be better.

Even if you have to edit it and strip some of it down, you will have a better offer than if you tried to fit it into a predesigned box.

Finally, think about the order of how you present the offer.

In theory, you want everything to be complementary.

If someone is buying a pair of shoes, they might need shoe polish, extra laces, or comfortable socks.

This offer is not just trying to sell more shoes—it is selling all the extras buyers might want with the shoes.

Or in some industries, you can sell more of the same by bundling into packs (supplements and other consumables are good examples of this).

Get creative – think value and in doing so place yourself into your own category – a category that makes it difficult to price shop.