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Dec 30, 2019

Do you know which page on your website is the most likely to be visited by your visitors? If you check your analytics - I imagine your About Page will be one of the most popular.

In this podcast I outline 7 ways to make you About Page more effective in converting visitors into prospects.

Podcast Transcript

7 Ways to Create a Better”About Page” For Your Website

A year ago I was reviewing my own websites statistics and to my surprise my About Page was in the top ten most visited pages of all time.

Prior to that I hadn’t really given my About Page much attention – I viewed it as an obligatory page and had not really spent any time on it.

But when I realised how often it had been visited, I very quickly realised the value in getting it into shape. I needed to focus on this page my About Page

When you think about it, it makes sense for your About Page to be visited as often as it is. If your website attracts any traffic, then it is not unusual for your visitors to want to check you or your company out.

Consequently I focused on improving my About Page and results started happening quickly.

Here are 7 Key ways to Improve your About Page

  1. Write in the first person.Be personal; make your About Page personal. You should not write in the third person, as though someone else were writing about you.
  2. Write in a conversational style.People should get a sense of your “voice.” If my statistics are representative, this page will be one of the first they visit. They will assume that the style of this page is how you typically do business.
  3. Start with the reader’s priorities.Most About pages I have reviewed are written “upside down.” By this, I mean that the owner starts with his or her bio, personal interests, and then (sometimes) gets to what may interest the reader. I suggest you reverse this. Start with the reader’s interests.
  4. Tell them about yourself.This is the first thing I want to know as a reader. But you should resist the temptation to provide your entire bio—at least at the beginning. One or two sentences are sufficient.
  5. Tell them about your business or service.What is your site about? Try to narrow it down to a theme. For example, my theme is sales and marketing strategy. Next, explain what kinds of things you have developed authority about. I think it is best to limit yourself to a handful of categories. The more focused your content, the more visitors you will attract.
  6. Set their expectations.Tell them what you do and who you can help.
  7. Invite them to subscribe.In my opinion, this is the most important “call to action.” I don’t want to depend on my visitors remembering to return to my website. Instead, I want them to subscribe or register so that they receive my content or special offers. So make it a no brainer for them to subscribe – offer up your best possible bribe…

While you are at it you might want to create a separate About page for your Twitter profile. This is a way to make your page more specific to Twitter followers. This is the page I then link to in my Twitter profile.

If this podcast has been of interest to you please visit my blog at where I outline this information in more detail plus proved you with 3 more things to do make it in 10 in total.

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