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May 25, 2020

Whoever said “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was really smart, because it works in business the same way it does with our bodies. To find out what is the equivalent to an apple in marketing - listen to this episode...

Podcast Transcript

Whoever said “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was really smart, because it works in business the same way it does with our bodies.

By now you should know I am OBSESSED with marketing. I love to learn every new trick, hack, and strategy out there. I produce this podcast because I love finding, trying and the implementing and teaching new things all the time. And of course, my greatest passion is sharing it with all of you!

Now look, as fun as many of these various tactics are, most of you should still stick to basics, especially when you’re just starting out or as we are all faced with in the current environment of picking up the pieces in some cases or for others focussing on getting new business.

I see so many people stuck and actually not doing anything thinking they need to create all-encompassing and complicated sales processes—way more complicated than I would create—and then they get mad and discouraged and hyper focused on all these little details.

Well with any complicated sales system, there can be so many variables to check, and it is just so confusing and unnecessary.

I know, I know—you are asking, “So what is the APPLE in marketing?”

I will tell you. it is presentations and by that, I mean presenting to prospects.

Call it a masterclass, a webinar, a zoom pitch, training, a critique, livestream, or all of these in person —I really don’t care.

It is YOU in person or as we have all learnt in recent times - on camera or even just a mobile, speaking to your audience, once a week as a bare minimum. (For the record, my definition for presenting is a talk that reaches 2 or more people – the audience).

Every business owner getting started should commit to one presentation a week, minimum.

Something amazing will happen when you do this. (Well actually, lots of things.)

  • You will get really good at selling.
  • You will dedicate time every week to SELL.
  • You will be spending a good portion of your week, every week, finding an audience. It will teach you how to JV, how to prospect, how to add value and how to put yourself out there.

Better still you will tweak and perfect your presentation because each new audience will show you something different.

If your designated day is Thursday… then -

Each Sunday, start pushing hard for registrations or opportunities. Do that until Thursday. Then on Thursday, you sell.

That is it. If you have a team in your business, then everyone is focused on the presentation and what happens right afterward. Then Friday through Sunday, everyone is checking out the replay and following up.

You are sending out emails, pushing the special offer. And on Sunday, the offer ends, and you reset the process and start again.

Back to basics. A presentation a week.

It should be on everyone’s calendar right now. No excuses.