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Dec 23, 2019

LinkedIn has over 562 million users. That makes it the perfect place to build networks and connections.

Here are 7 Tips for Finding New Business on LinkedIn has over 562 million users. That makes it the perfect place to build networks and connections.

Podcast Transcript

Here are 7 Tips for Finding New Business on LinkedIn

Drumming up new business is difficult in any form. But with the popularity of social media it’s become easier. One of the best social media platforms for finding new business is on LinkedIn.

Here are our top 7 tips for finding new business on LinkedIn.

  1. Look for ways to start a conversation with potential prospects by commenting on their post update or asking them a question about something they have published.
  2. Connect with the employees of potential prospects. When the prospect sees you are connected to others in their organization it can increase your chances of getting their attention.
  3. Add value without expecting something in return. Connect prospects to other connections that both can benefit from.
  4. Develop a LinkedIn Company Page –

The Company page helps you establish more credibility to a personal profile.

  • You can add your company logo and a link to your website or landing page.
  • The company page has a more professional appearance than a personal profile.
  • The company page lets you use advertising like sponsored content to build your connections.

Company pages are always visible, even to those who don’t have a LinkedIn account. So, it’s important to have consistently current content available because you don’t know who will be seeing your pages.

5. Optimise your own LinkedIn Profile –

Your LinkedIn profile is the first contact people have with you. It is their first impression of you and your business. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your profile is optimized to the max.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile headline is enticing, compelling and stands-out. This is who you are and what you do. Your headline is what will be seen in the search results next to your image. That means it determines if someone clicks on your profile or not. Make it show how you add value or how you can help them.

Add visual content to your summary. Display up to four eye-catching pieces that will be of value to the visitor. Add work samples, videos, or letters of recommendations. LinkedIn supports video, audio, presentations, images, and documents.

Provide detailed data in your experience area. It is the area that resembles your resume. However, keep your buyer in mind when you fill it out. List your past and current positions and titles along with a few sentences that summarizes your role in each job.

6. See who your current connections are connected to. Send these connections a personalized invitation to connect with you.

7. Who’s viewed your profile? These are people already looking at what you offer. Send them a personalized message to connect with you.

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