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Jan 22, 2023

Sales are like legs day. Hard and brutal.

Punishment! Yet, when you work out legs, you're also activating muscle fibres in the rest of your body, arms, shoulders, and even back. Just the same fashion, when you work in sales, you're activating muscle fibers in your marketing skillset as well.

So, the best advice you could ever give a business owner is to start doing some sales.

The Tension Between Marketing and Sales

In most struggling organisations, there is tension between the sales team and the marketers.

Sales team complains that leads are lousy and insufficient. Marketing complaints that sales want everything handed on a plate.

Enter the entrepreneur to adjudicate.

Time To Get Back Into The Gym

Before making a call, to side with marketing and or sales, at least "sharpen your saw".

Do a small amount of selling, take a half day "ride along" with one of your sales team. It will fire up your other skills, like marketing. Learning to better understand your customers and knowing how to cut through with messaging will be forever helpful.

With time, this will make you a better business person.

The Bizarre Habit

Why is it that so many people brag about legs day on social media? 

Very amusing! 

Yet, there is a million-dollar sales and marketing lesson embedded in the legs versus arms debate.

A lot of people build their upper body and neglect their legs. Fact. Unfortunately, doing this sets them up to fail. Same for entrepreneurs who focus only on marketing and place no effort in sales!