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Jan 29, 2023

Stop being safe…


Once upon a time, during the baby boomer era, being different was a badge of honor. Yes, guys wearing scholls, long hair, playing in your own band and we even had surfers at Hamilton Hill High School the home of the bogan.

In my opinion, this is one thing the baby boomers definitely got right. But their kids, brought up in an era where you get a trophy for just participating and playing football and netball with no scoring, are afraid to stand out. They are all about their network of friends and do not want to be ostracised.

Everyone’s afraid to lose friends. Everyone’s afraid to stand out. Everyone’s afraid of criticism. Kids don’t raise their hands in class because they don’t want to be seen as different, as know-it-alls, and better off playing dumb.

The conundrum, however, is to get ahead in business, or marketing, or in your art, we are looking for the new and different and if you don’t have people dropping their jaws, chances are you are not going to last, you probably won’t even be noticed.

Furthermore, just because no one likes what you are producing doesn’t necessarily give up right away. If you are not experiencing at least a little bit of resistance or if you don’t find people trying to reign you in, chances are you are not aiming high enough and will never cause a jaw to drop.

Dare to be unpopular… because that is where the germ of true popularity begins.