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Feb 26, 2020

How many projects on your to-do list have you not launched yet be-cause things get in the way? Learn to set hard deadlines and all sorts of results will come your way.

Podcast Transcript

When I prepare my weekend radio show I used to leave things to the hour before the show. lCrazy, right? A lot of you are asking, “How do you Risk going live to air and not have everything sorted well before. With the internet It is possible (though slightly nuts), to program your show as you go and work frantically during a song to line up your next guest  because the moment the song stops it’s have a guest and something to say or run the risk of uncomfortable dead air. There is no more finite deadline.

Deadlines have always played a major part in my life in getting things done. Assignments, the books I have written, the marketing products I have developed and offered for sale. They are powerful.

If I had not had a deadline for launching My recent 24/7 CGS product it would never have gotten done.

And it doesn’t matter if your deadline is a week or a month or a year out, because right before the clock strikes midnight, you will be pulling an all-nighter and doing whatever it takes to get it done.

A long time ago, I bought a cassette tape from John Carlton and Gary Halbert. They were talking about the concept of silver or lead and Mexican drug lords. (Hang with me on this analogy.) When the Mexican drug lords wanted to change a law, they did not use the traditional route of going through Congress.

Instead, they would break into the politician’s home, find the decision-maker, and give them a gun and a bag of silver.

You have two options. You need to change this law. You can do it through silver or lead. Either we’ll shoot you and you’ll die, or we will bribe you and you’ll change the law.

When you have those two options—lead or silver—which are you going to choose?

You are always going to choose the money, right? It’s a no-brainer, so that is what they did.

If you don’t push yourself with lead

or gold deadlines, you won’t get it done.

Do what you have to do to turn your soft deadlines to hard ones.

Announce it on social media or to your database.

Create a big event. Hang massive rewards on the wall and make sure you can see it. Lead or gold. It’ll help you cut out all the unnecessary crap that you think you need to do before you launch.