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Apr 29, 2020

How do you know if you have had an encounter with a Black Belt Marketer?

  • Did their message stop you in your tracks?
  • Did you get involved in their story or the message?
  • Did you take action or act on the offer?

If you did these three things after seeing a marketing message or received a marketing email or announcement – chances are a black belt marketer was behind the exercise.

Black belt marketers will be emphasising “move from pain” type messages at the moment and not “move to gain” messages. Staying with pre COVID-19 “move to gain” messaging is lazy marketing and unlikely to receive a great ROI.

For more information on the Pleasure – Pain principle listen to podcast number 28 or visit


to watch a video.

Remember the steps a black belt marketer like Sketching Tours Rome used are:

  • Offer Value
  • Develop know, like and trust
  • Offer proof
  • Provide an opportunity

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