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Nov 20, 2022

There are two ways to build the tallest building in town.

The first way is to go out there and put a lot of sweat and effort and all of this stuff into something and build the tallest building in town.

The second way is to go around to everybody else’s buildings and knock them down, and that way you’re the tallest one.

If you haven’t encountered a hater yet, you will.

In fact, it’s a guarantee—even if you think you run the most noncontroversial business ever. More visibility and recognition just attracts the building crashers.

Most people do not want to go out and work their butts off to build the tallest building. They want to go and tear everybody else’s down because it makes them feel bigger. And every hater you encounter in your business journey will be this type of person.

Here’s the plot twist. It’s also important to make sure you are building and not just tearing other buildings down in an effort to grow.

Competition is great and necessary in a free market, but there is a difference between competition and animosity.

Do you deliver INCREDIBLE products, GREAT courses, AMAZING coaching?

Do you perform and try harder, even when people don’t demand it of you?

This is how competition works. Train harder and faster than everyone else so you can beat them fairly.

The people who choose the second method don’t actually create anything new or original. There is nothing you can point to and say, “Look at what they built!” Rather, everything they offer is to fix what others do poorly. Everything is designed to “undo” something else that was done badly or wrong. Haters will create entire businesses based on fear, suspicion, and “saving” others from the tall buildings already in existence.

Really talented haters will make it look like they are doing a great service to the world. They are saving us all. It’ll be a crusade masked as a good cause. They will tell you the buildings MUST be knocked down because they are all evil.

Don’t give your haters any attention.

Focus on your own building.