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Dec 25, 2022

First impressions can be lasting.

When your marketing arrives in front of a prospect – email into an inbox, direct mail in the post, at somebody’s door or waiting room, a pattern interrupt on social media or as an advertisement; it can be perceived as either being an annoying pest or a welcome guest. 


You are...

Dec 18, 2022

Most business owners and marketers do NOT know their enemy.

Recently I have been looking to do some work for a financial advisor and I came across a comprehensive survey of 600 financial advisors, where they ranked their biggest obstacles to acquiring clients:

(1) Competition from other advisors 64%

(2) Financial...

Dec 11, 2022

It might seem strange, but you're better off appealing to a small group of loyal customers than trying to attract everyone.

There's a fundamental rule in marketing that takes some discipline and some getting used to, but it's undeniably true: 

You can't be everything for everybody.

It is a mistake to try and be all...

Dec 4, 2022

If you Google the term marketing consultant, you will get 748,000 results pop up.

Each describing themselves as a marketing consultant and each attempting to describe themselves slightly better in one way or another than the other 747,999 of them.

What a tough gig – what a failing proposition.

So if you are a...

Nov 27, 2022

 Shock Jock Howard Stern has crafted out an award-winning career being a non-conformist.

He has attained massive cut through in arguably the most crowded media market in the world - none other than New York City.

This podcast delves into what is his number one weapon.

Being Howard…

A must...